Since graduating from the London School of Economics in 2007 and completing a Masters in Global Communications at the American University of Paris, I’ve spent over a decade building brands, startups & products people love.

TechBBQ 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

Building platforms that solve problems AND helping startups launch and scale.

I occasionally speak at conferences around the world on topics including “How to Build Culture in Remote Teams” and “No Skills? No Problem! Hacks, Tips & Tools for Creating A Ton of Stuff”.

Loshini Selverajah

“Few people are like Leanne. She’s constantly got new tricks up her sleeve be it learning to use Adobe Pro or coding or sending HTML emails – she’s learnt it and executed on it. I think that’s why I respect her so much as a leader, because she picks up things super fast and she’s able to talk and understand tech…”

Mike La Rosa

“I’ll never forget the first time I met Leanne. Her energy (and her laugh) is totally infectious! We worked together for over three years while she was leading the team at… She is more than a great manager, mentor and leader; she’s also an amazing person. The talents she posseses always leave me in awe.”

Alex Nicorici

“She taught me how it feels like to be appreciated and work in a company with amazing company culture & how to keep a team together even while all working remotely. I learned a ton of hard skills from her and she’s always listened to my personal and professional growth plans and tried to help me as much as possible to achieve my goals…”

The 2018 Year in Review:

Hey everyone! Phew, what a year. In case you don’t know us yet, is the global platform to find, book & review places to cowork. This includes desks, offices & meeting rooms in small independent coworking spaces like Hubud in...